Ever Thankful

There’s much to be thankful for today.

I am thankful for the courage to take risks in the pursuit of happiness. Two life-altering decisions in one year is at least one too many, but I am also thankful for friends who support rather than judge. I’m thankful for all God has blessed upon me and to know His love will never forget me.

I don’t know who will read this, but I am throwing it out because I miss writing. It’s one more thing I’m thankful for despite how I have neglected it in recent months. While I’m being honest, I miss the interaction with others who share their thoughts and words with the world this way.

If I make no promises then I tell no lies. So, I may post again tomorrow; I may not. Happy Thanksgiving even if you’re not celebrating it today. I hope you enjoy time with your friends and families, not shopping.



Happy Mother’s Day You Blood Sucking Parasites

051I bet you already know this is Becca writing from the title.  It does happen to be Mother’s Day weekend.  It also happens to be the weekend that I went to the doctor for an unknown rash on my neck.  Well, really it because I had multiple lymph nodes swollen and I couldn’t figure out why.   I remember when my kids were pre-school-aged.  I was close to one mom who would practically have a panic attack if anyone’s kid got sick.  She would get so mad if someone didn’t tell her that their child had been ill.  Then when her kids would get sick she’d most often “forget” to tell everyone.  I used to get quite the kick out of it.

Nothing makes you feel more like a dumbass than having the doctor pick though your hair like your elementary school nurse did.  I was the one to suggest it though.  I said, “Well, my first thought is I got lice from helping out on a few school field trips.  I didn’t see any, so now I don’t know.”

She said  she would take a look really quick.  After about five minutes of digging though my afro, she asked, “What school do your kids go to?”  When I answered, she said, “You might want to give them a call and let them know your family has lice.”  I swore under my breath, and then thanked God that Web MD was wrong about me dying of cancer.

liceNext, I texted my spouse asking him to start washing sheets and to inform him I wasn’t dying.  I quickly rushed home to kill the blood-sucking parasites residing in my afro and in my daughter’s mane.   Then we sat in the bath tub together combing the nits out for an hour.  I then called my beloved sister to pass along that the de-stressing visit she made to my house may have caused more stress in her life.  Later, I emailed the kid’s school.

During this process, I was laughing about it being Mother’s Day weekend.  What says happy Mother’s Day more than picking the nits out of your kid’s hair?

So happy Mother’s Day to all of you: moms of one or more, stepparents, foster parents, stand-in moms for those whose parents are lacking, aunts, and sisters.  Most of us have been a mom for at least a moment.  Blessings to you all.



Lady or Not… Here I Come!


Jason made a post on my blog this week.  Please take a moment to read and comment.  I would love it! http://wp.me/p2BLLc-YT

I is for…

I is for… I, me, myself, because blogging is perhaps the greatest exercise in narcissism.

I is for Imagination, Invention, Innovation, Inspiration— the engines of creation, the capabilities that power progress. God creates us and blesses us with our own creative power, a shadow of the divine but never to be neglected, and I shall not.

G is for…

G is for God and His Grace. I don’t often delve into religion because it’s such a polarizing topic. But it’s important and today is my birthday and I don’t believe I have been granted thirty-eight years on this earth by accident. Religion has wrought strife and ruin, but faith has saved many a heart. I will not doubt mine nor in Whom I invest it.

Easter Musing

It’s my first Easter not as part of a family in 12 years. What friends I have here are with their own today. I would kind of like to go to church, but I haven’t been in a very long time and don’t want to go solo. But I need to do something. I have promised to focus on the positive, so that focus on is on what this day represents: salvation purchased by sacrifice, the promise of eternal life affirmed by resurrection, the possibility of all things enabled by faith in our Lord. For those who do not ascribe to these beliefs, I only ask that you respect mine as I shall respect yours, and I wish all of you a blessed day.